Air cushioned catamaran, high speed / high efficiency crew transport vessel with deck cargo transport capacity.

The AIRCAT 35 Combi has two side hulls like a catamaran, however with the added feature of flexible rubber sealing fore and aft between the hulls. Fans blow air into this air cushion between the hulls and rubber seals allowing up to 80% of the vessel weight to be lifted. The air cushion partly lifts the vessel out of the water, which greatly reduces resistance and allows for very fuel-efficient and high-speed performance.

The air cushion is also equipped with a motion damping system that reduces motions both at high and low speeds. This ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as increases the weather window for safe offshore logistic operations.

Classification by Bureau Veritas | HULL MACH Light ship / Fast passenger vessel, Sea Area 3, Unrestricted Navigation - DP2 (Optional)


Length overall : 35.1 m
Beam overall : 13.7 m
Depth moulded : 3.55 m
Draught : 0.8 m on cushion
2.4 m off cushion
Deadweight : 48 tons

Transport Capacities

Passenger capacity : 39 business class seats
Cargo deck area : 160 m2


Propulsion : 4 x Kongsberg waterjets S50-3/CA
Main engines : 4 x MTU 16V 2000 M72 (4 x 1440 kW)
Airlift system : 2 x 441 kW with air blower system
Generators : 2 x 400/230 V

Performance & Consumption

Max. speed : 50+ Knots
Economical speed : 38 Knots
Range : 820 NM
Consumption at max. speed : 32,0 litres / NM
Consumption at economical speed : 26,3 litres / NM
Stand by consumption : 12,0 litres / h
Fresh water capacity : 1 m3
Air-cushioned active motion damping  
Interceptors for trim control  

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