With ultra deepwater oil fields becoming increasingly distant from the coast, it is clear that the so-called conventional crew boats are struggling to meet the growing needs of the Oil & Gas industry.

It became necessary to improve the speed, autonomy, and comfort of these crew boats, without neglecting safety or increasing operating costs.

Eager to provide a solution to current market needs, AIRCAT VESSELS (SAS) was founded by marine industry professionals who have decades of experience operating in the Oil & Gas industry.

The company was created to develop, promote, build and market the new generation of crew boats, specifically designed for the Energy sector.

AIRCAT® series of vessels are using the technology of Surface Effect Ships (SES). They are AIR-cushioned CATamarans.

Aircat Vessels

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Existing technologies, such as partial aerodynamic lift, Ekranoplan, and even hydrofoils (particularly popular in nautical competitions), offer undeniable and exceptional performance in speed and fuel economy, but also have many limitations that put them at a disadvantage when used in the energy industry. Factors such as reliability, robustness of propulsion, operating range, stability in rough seas, safety and comfort during both navigation and transfers of passengers, and the ability to carry urgent cargo, are all important criteria that must be met.

Air-cushioned catamarans are the answer. Other industries such as offshore wind turbine, passenger ferry, or even the Navy have already adopted this technology which was developed for the first time in the 60s. This is why adapting this technology to the Oil & Gas sector is more a revolution than an innovation.

Meanwhile, the novelty is the increased reliability of all of the parts, devices, and electronic components which now make these vessels far superior to those developed in years past.

AIRCAT VESSELS has partnered with ESNA to conceive our vessels. ESNA is operated by the most advanced naval architects who seek to utilize their vast SES experience to focus on continuous improvement and technology development of surface effect vessels. They have developed the simplest, most robust, and reliable air-cushion system in the market. The combination of ESNA's unique SES expertise and AIRCAT VESSELS' insight on operational needs for the Oil & Gas sector gave birth to the next generation of crew boats designed to serve the energy industry.

The AIRCAT® series of vessels are faster, safer, more comfortable and economical than any other passenger vessel.